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Well it is all over and we didn't make the biggest goal that we had. When I first decided to try and raise money for the WWP my goal was to try and raise $10,000 after talking to Russ we changed it to $50,000. We did almost double the original goal but didn't raise half of the 50 we went for. All and all that isn't bad, and I would like to thank all of you that made a donation to the WWP. This isn't the end as Scott posted I am working now to start my own 5013c and hope to have it up and running by June of next year. It will be under the same name Race For The Wounded, what we would like to do is gear it to getting wounded men and woman started or back into racing. Not only on bikes, but trucks, buggies, or anything else with a motor. We will just have to see how everything works out but after meeting the people who were racing I don't think that we will have a problem getting the help we need to get guys racing.

I do think that the best part of the race was the support that we got throughout the conception of the idea to the end of the race. We have had people opening their homes to us, putting us up for the night, to offering us bikes to pre run on. As you know this was my first off road race. I haven't been on a real dirt bike in over 25 years before we started this. I had a steep learning curve "not like Scott, his was vertical" LOL I couldn't believe how the off road community took us in and gave us help at every turn. Before all of this I didn't know who Tim Morton was, and I get an PM from him giving me some tips. I know all of you know who Tim is, and now I understand who he is. Out of the blue I have had so many people wanting to help and it was such a great feeling knowing that people who didn't know us from Adam were willing to take the time to help us. We had pro teams letting us use their pits and helping us work on our bike, and feeding the team!!!! Hell Colton Udall, wished us good luck and gave us some advice on the race!!

Ed, John, and Allan told me that once you went to Baja that would be the only place you would want to ride. I have been thinking about that and I understand what they were telling me now, but it isn't the riding and the freedom you have riding in Baja, it is the people!!! I haven't experienced anything like that since I will still in the Army and all I want to do is get back!!!

I will never be able to thank all of you enough for your support, advice, and donations.

This was a learning experience, and boy did we learn a bunch. I made the mistake of not having a pre ride bike at the start and didn't get to ride the first 40 miles. Man that was a big mistake that I will never make again, it cost us some time!! We also only did the pre ride to mile 807 do to time, never again we will ride the full thing. We should have split into teams and went to our sections and just ride them over and over but live and learn.

The race was about as stressful as can be, not the racing but waiting on the bike!!! The start was fun but not pre riding it I couldn't go as fast as I would have liked to go, I had to just take my time and get the bike to Ed. It was killing me, I was calling myself all kinds of names for not pre running it. I sure wasn't calling myself the names I was calling the quads, man I hate them things!!!!!! This was also the first time that I have ever got arm pump, and it started about mile 5 and didn't stop. Once I got to Ed I felt much better knowing what was coming next, the San Felipe whoops. Now don't get me wrong I didn't want to ride them but did pre ride them so I know what was coming and just wanted to get through them. Once Ed made it to the rider change after being hit by the truck, I got back on and started moving through the whoops. I was doing good trying to be smooth, (well for me smooth, I kinda suck) but I was moving and doing OK and then I had a bit of a get off. It was nothing bad but 202x passed me, I had know idea he was behind me at that time. I think that was the best thing that could have happened, we just started having a good time!! I would pass him, and he would pass me then we would do it all over again. I was having a great time just having fun, this is what Ed told us find the speed that you are just having fun at and you will be going fast enough. When we got to the last turn going up the power line to the dump road I knew that we were almost out of the whoops due to the pre ride with John. So I thought what the hell I am just going to try and give it all I got, and I did. I went as fast as I could for the last 10 or so miles and made it to the rider change, Baja Pits filled the bike checked the oil Ed got on the bike and took off. We all got in the truck and were getting ready to take off when the 202X bike came into the pits, man was that a great feeling!!! We gave each other a thumbs up and a big smile and John Sr. and Sue were taking me to the next point to get back onto the bike.

I didn't think that we would have long before I got back on the bike, but this is when Ed had the big get off and got hurt. Now we (The Team) thought that we wouldn't need the lights on the bike until Coco's and really wouldn't need them then but would put them on to be safe. Well this was the next learning point, put the lights on way before you think you are going to need them!!!! When Ed got to the rider change it was getting dark and I had no light!!! Ed pulled into the pit riding with one arm and had to be helped off of the bike. Next learning point, I didn't have clear goggles on me thank goodness that Ed did so I took them. I asked Ed if he was OK and his response was NO, I don't know what my response was I just got on the bike and started moving. I knew that were were way off of our pace and I had know idea how we would make it up. I kept the bike under 60 for the road section and was right behind a buggy and a bike as soon as we turned off the blacktop I got on the gas and passed the bike, and tried to stay as close to the buggy as I could for as long as I could. That wasn't easy and might have been a dumb thing to do but I thought that well that is less dust from the bike, now he has my dust and the buggy dust. It worked, I never did see the guy again! The only thing that I had going for me at this point was the GPS with the track on it. I couldn't see anything at all with the dust and crap day light on the bike, so I just went off the the GPS like a pilot flying on instruments!! I would go as fast as I could on the straights and just keep my eye on the GPS, it wasn't the best plan but it is all I had. Most of it was nice and straight to Cocos so it wasn't that bad, after the trucks, and buggies went past it was a few min. of just hold on and hope, but after I got out from the dust it was OK. I made it to the pit, we got the good lights on and Scott was on his way.

After that it was just a game of waiting on the bike and I hated every min. of it all the way to the finish!!!
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