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The battery bug displays the actual voltage quite accurately. Its display alternates between percentage of battery life left, and actual voltage. It connects directly to the battery. Do not make it switchable or it will reset each time and not give you an accurate battery life predictor. It draws almost nothing so no worry about leaving it connected.

The LED voltage indicator works as designed. If it's green your shit is charging and above the base battery voltage value. Ultimately, that's all you have to worry about, whether it's 12.7 volts or 14.2 volts. It will warn you if it goes over 15 volts, too.

I'm running all the same shit you are and there are no problems for me.
Originally Posted by Bryant View Post
Thanks to all who've posted on my tool question... LOTS of really good ideas/info, I'm hoping it's useful to others as they think about winter repairs/enhancements/"what did I tell myself I'd do after the last ride"...

Side question, so as I posted in an earlier thread, I'm planning to add grip heaters and I have a heated vest I plan to plug into the SAE plug I use for the battery tender (which is hooked up direct to the battery, no fuse.) I've been told to get a voltage meter, as that can be a lot of draw (I also run the Lynx fairing, w/ dual 65W H9 Hella lights) This was suggested, but I don't see an actual voltage indicator on it..

looks like it has pre-established indicators for low voltage, but I'm not clear if it's low for the 610 (which I believe needs to run at 14) or just "low for most bikes"... which usually means 12.7 or something...

Love to hear what people have used successfully as I plan to get one of these on ASAP.

Thanks again for all the advice/support!!!!!
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