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Originally Posted by TinCrow View Post
Hello all, I will be riding from my house in San Francisco, and aiming for the keys in Florida. Its December and the Weather of course will be a factor. I am on a 09 Kawaski KLE 650 (Versys).

I would like to mix up the route as much as possible for the round trip, but weather is the deciding factor. Any input would be appreciated. I plan on getting across the first half at a quick pace and spending my time wandering more of the east side of the south. Ill probably take the 40 through to Albuquerque and drop down into Lubbock TX, to visit my sister,and then from there? Ill start the wander, and hopefully end up swimming with a Manatee in a brackish water way somewhere in Florida?

Im also looking on the tent space thread for places to catch some sleep along the way. I do not need much, a dry place to lay my sleeping bag and that's it. So if you are on the road between California and Florida and you've got space, let me know. I look forward to meeting new folks along the way. Gregory
this will get moved to trip planning, but in the regionals thread there are a few prolific guys there that have the manatee area of florida pretty well covered....

otherwise, Crystal River FL will have all you want for swimming with the manatees,,,,Three Sister's spring is the best IMO
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