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Originally Posted by wayne_l View Post
i have a 91 and 2001 both with about same mileage 33k both died same miserable death , ran lean ,got hot, fried exaust cam and bearing caps .. And you cannot just replace cam bearings you have throw away whole head ..because the caps and head are built as one unit and the caps do not use replaceable bearings what a retarded design ...

so instead of being able to adjust cam runout with a bigger sized bearing it has to be thrown away completely ... Thats retarded ...
Fried exhaust cam/bearing caps sure sounds like oil starvation, or poor oil quality. Yeah if the bike runs lean it'll run hot, but if yer using good oil and keeping it topped up it won't fry the cam...but low oil level will--quick, fast, and in a hurry. If you were running lean enough to experience engine failure, you'd likely have a hole in the piston.

And as for the retarded design, lotsa Jap bikes don't use replaceable cam bearings, and still somehow manage to be reliable and long-lasting. Like Honda's air-cooled XR/XLs for example. Ya gotta keep oil in 'em though.

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