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Goals: in my experience, way too many people get 'goal' orientated and forget about the 'journey' to the goal! If you get fixated on your 'goal', you will, in all likelyhood, become disappointed. I realize people function differently in achieving goals, but many folks I know have quickly become disillusioned when their goals were not attained, or they realized that achieving them was much more difficult then they realized. IMHO, if they set a goal, then said, 'Im gonna have a shit load of fun on the way to my goal', they're already 50% there. In my experience, achieving the goal was anti-climatic. What I learned, felt and experienced on the way to my goal are permanently embedded in my memory banks!
Agreed. Destination always equals a death, even if it is a muffled, quiet one. But if someone is moving towards a goal and isn't experiencing a profound happiness (at least some of the time) while doing so, they need to pick something else to do (or change the way they perceive what they're doing). The latter was my method to connect the future with the present--and in doing so also connects the journey to the goal, infusing each step of the way with the grand magnificence we at least believe the end-result to contain. Too many people go through school, for instance, never realizing that it's not the degree they're after. Instead, they see homework and sitting through lectures as an obstacle to their goal when it's, in fact, the goal itself (or at least tiny fragments available for immediate consumption)!

The male spider might be killed when he succeeds in courtship--and achievements might be anti-climactic--but if we pay enough attention there's a moment the end when we reach the height of our capabilities and are able to peer beyond the limits of our own mortality, if only just for a moment.

(And then the rock rolls back down and Sisyphus begins again.)
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