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Dylan and Tyler wanted to go geocaching., so we loaded up in Katelyn's car and jumped on the gravel roads.

Tyler reminds me a lot of myself. He's always fooling with electronics, and he was fascinated by geocaching. And in case you missed it, he likes music.

Dylan likes to be outside and can be quite a comedian.

Next we drove my niece's car into a corn field. At least next to one.

This was a fun cache located within some old farm machinery. The boys found the clever hiding spot right away.

We found a few more caches in the morning, and then drove out to meet my sister at her job.

Jodi works in the tiny town of Gary, South Dakota, population 227. She was eager to show me the Buffalo Ridge Resort, located in town. She promised a drink at the Rock Room, the resort lounge. (Notice the motorcycle content.)

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this was going to be such a cool destination, and I didn't bring my camera. I had only my camera phone.

The Buffalo Ridge Resort is the former South Dakota School for the Blind. The buildings were abandoned in the early 70s. Vandals and nature took their toll until 2009 when it was purchased by a local businessman and turned into an amazing destination. The reconstruction took just six months!

The Rock Room was closed when we arrived (I sure wish I'd gotten a picture inside), but a maintenance worker offered to show us around. They still use the original tunnels.

And the old root cellar now holds the good stuff.

See the Jägermeister in the background?

We met the owner Joe. Joe started a business a few years back and after building it up, a larger company bought his business. In his words, he'd always wanted to do something with the dilapitaded property, and he was now "blessed to be able to do something." I really liked his enthusiasm and optimism. Not everyone would take their fortune and open up a luxury resort in a rural community of a couple hundred people.

Afterward, more geocaching. This one took a while to find among the foundation of an old farmhouse.

The next one wasn't nearly as interesting.

And then back to town.

Canby is a small southwestern Minnesota town. It has a charm of an old community where people know each other.

My plan was to make a fancy dinner. We stopped at the local grocery where my niece works and picked up the things we needed. I bought steaks.

We also had baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob (it doesn't come any fresher than in a small agricultural community), and my quasi-homemade garlic cheese bread.

Unfortunately, my niece had to work this evening, but the rest of the family sat around the table for dinner.

After eating, I had a couple hours of daylight left, so I decided to head out and get a few miles in before dark.

My brother-in-law is quite proud of his Vulcan 2000, a 2053cc V-twin bohemoth he purchased a few years ago.

I wanted us to ride together, so Mike joined me for my first 30 or 40 miles. We swapped bikes for a short time, and while I liked the smooth, raw power of the huge V-twin, I wasn't sure I'd like something like that for a long trip. I'm just not the cruiser type, I don't think.

Just before nightfall. For my Belgian friends.

I didn't get very far tonight, owing mostly to road construction. The highway I wanted was completely closed, and the detour ran the opposite way I wanted to go. Eventually I found a little park by a small dam and set up my tent for the night. This is, as explained by a nearby sign, the start of the Des Moines River.

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