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Originally Posted by Fishnbiker View Post
So what is the program I saw on the laptop while you were trying to sort the Tiger? What did you fix?
Keith (aka WIBO) described the problem pretty well...and is doing a great job of retelling the tale

the problem started when we hit the dusty sections and gradually got worse and worse as the trip went on. it started off just being a problem with the ignition / idle and I had to give it gas to start it which is just downright annoying, but then got worse and worse to the point that it would cut out as soon as I backed off (thats my first mistake!), no matter what gear i was in.

trawling the forums it seems to be a common problem to the 800xc because apparently they use a speed triple design stepper motor meant for the road, so when dust and debris gets in it stops the swing arm setting in the right place and so it doesn't idle properly. some lube and some compressed air sorted the problem out...not an easy fix on the trail because you have to take the tank and plastics off which is at least an hour job
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