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Just bought the E32

Holy smokes what detail-----------------I've got tracks all over Baja and zoomed in on them for a look ----------most of the time the tracks were on a road or trail on the map. I was so amazed--------I switched back to my very old baja map in mapsource and it was almost useless.

I've got one track over El Mano pass Southwest of Canon De Guadeloupe (Baja) that I only know of one person to ever try that remote route---------his track was shown right on a road or trail-------like I said amazing.

No auto routing the only drawback-------I can lay out routes but they will have to be point to point.
I agree-----------be nice to have the autorouting maps too.
But --------when in Mexico I avoid the cities like the plaque ----and that's where they would be most handy I would think.

Jilioins of POI's.

I don't really need the topo lines and really don't want them on my gps screen----but my 276C has the ability to turn off topo lines----------or as least it does with garmins topo maps.

Now----------I just need to go-------------calling my buddy "Dingleweeds"

Lucky turd-------lives right down close to the border.

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