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Originally Posted by Blader54 View Post
So true, AH, about school. Too often these days I encounter students who are only interested in the degree, many of whom openly show their utter disregard for learning. Most of those just see a degree as a sort of entrance pass to a high-paying job, which, they assume, will not require any of the education they so assiduously avoid. I do not know if this has always been the case and I'm only just seeing it, or whether this is a new phenomenon. It may be in part at least, the result of our national education system's emphasis on testing. To some of the students it almost seems as though it is just a game to be played - how to get the highest grade with the least work. Efficiency is wonderful but when "least work" = "least learning" I get worried. Seems to me that once upon a time one went to school, particularly college, to "get an education" and that now students go to "get a credential."
I think a lot of them also to get into the right Alma Mater. Just being in there can open the right doors to a richer future.....Sad that most of those spots go to the well connected.
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