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Well I didn't want to stink up your thread without asking.

I read his book earlier this year, based on a comment someone here made about him.

I admired his pluck as a boy; shipping out in those days was in no way easy. By the end of the book I loathed him.

In spite of all his lofty talk about freedom and independence he turned out to be a total failure. Defied the courts, defrauded his creditors, kidnapped his children and hauled them off to Tahiti where he proceeded to abandon them and lay up drunk pretending to write. Became a communist but when the heat got to be too much he really didn't have the strength of his convictions and ratted out his comrades. I only finished the book because I kept waiting for him to have some epiphany and become the person he supposedly aspired to be.

Anyway, I know you're in a tough spot and it rubbed me wrong a little to see you (perhaps) using him as an example. Probably doesn't mean anything.

I enjoyed your report; you need to stop selling yourself short, you have a lot to offer.

Good luck!
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