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Originally Posted by Hill Climber View Post
Cartografia GPS/Map E32, hands down. I'm using older maps of both e32 and bicimapas and much prefer e32. Someone else can chime in if there's something better out there......
i disagree. all depends on how you use it.

since it's routable, Bicimaps is extremely usefull for those that are traveling the mainland and sticking to paved and primary dirt roads ie those visiting colonial cities and such and need to find the way through.
if you've ever driven through cities on the mainland you'll understand why routing is essential. i have and my gps was the only way i would have gotten though places. things are not organized nor labeled like in the US. funky 1 way streets are everywhere and roads don't go straight through. more than a few times i ended down an unknown street and need out to the next city. even pre-planning the route on a computer and then transferring to the gps didn't fly down on the ground. with auto-routing, i would select the road or next area over i needed to go on the gps and start moving. auto-routing and auto-recalculating got me through. E32 would not have been the choice here.
the 2013 Bicimaps is extremely packed with roads now.

on the other hand there were times i was riding remote dirt roads and there was no detail on Bicimaps but E32 did show the way. for Baja yes E32 is ideal if you would only choose 1. for the mainland savvy travelers have both loaded & choose Bicimaps if only choosing 1.
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