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I have a different perspective on these types of things.

Geek's motorcycle purchasing philosophy:
Some things are more important than worrying about what a bike costs eh?
Is it exactly what you want?
If the answer is yes.. buy the thing.
I'd rather ride the bike I want than ride the bike that I bought because it was a good deal
Who gives a shit if you pay a couple of hundred too much. Life is too freakin' short.

I have gotten more than $24058250808 of enjoyment out of every motorcycle I've owned - which is a helluva deal because I've never paid more than $29,000 for one

I see far too many of my buddies who "go without" while worrying about getting a good deal.
I'd rather be riding than shopping.

Oh.. and I'm sitting on the right side of this see-saw:

p.s. Parry Sound - do they still run the Sportbike Rally up there? Somewhere I have a t-shirt back from attending the 1992 or 1993 rally.
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