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Who started riding aftre 30

Okay I too was a late starter, at 39 I was getting pressure from new friends to get a bike licence.

So I bought a Kawasaki KMX 125 and started getting some practice in, 11 weeks later I passed my test I went straight home an called my insurance company to find out what the highest insurance group a new rider of my age could be insured for. I was informed the highest group I could start off on was 12 (max 17).

This was better than I had hoped so off to the local bike shop and hey presto a 1200 Suzuki Bandit with only 450 miles on the clock.....bargain.

This was the time when my wife thought I had gone mad, she expected me to buy a little ole 250cc bike. naw I was gonna jump in with two feet.

I got fed up with the Bandit after a year so I shopped around for someone to insure me on a Honda Blackbird......result. So off to the Honda dealer to order a brand new Blackbird. This lasted a year also when the bike developed mechanical problems so I managed to get Honda to change the bike for another new Blackbird. I had to put some cash towards it but as I had done over 7k one the first one I wasn't complaining.

Another 18 months go by and I fancied a change, so I chopped the Blackbird in for a Suzuki VStrom 1000DL, this lasted about 9 months when I got T boned
so that was the end of that.

While waiting for the insurance to get settled I bought a second hand Kawasaki ZX12R, and two months later armed with insurance cheque went and bought a brand new Ducati Multisrada 1000DS.

I kept the Kawasaki for about 3 months but didn't really like it so I traded it for a mint Suzuki Hayabusa.

Although I liked the Multistrada, I found it a bit cramped two up, plus I had a few problems with it so 3 months ago I traded it for a brand new r1200GS.

I still have the Hayabusa as well, but the GS seems to get most of my attention and is nearly always the first one I go for.

I am now almost 44 so maybe it's time to slow down a bit ?????
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