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Brought home my 950s

Picked up my new 950 adv s, had given it a once over and decided it was acceptable, so purchased and brought it home the next day.

I will try to get some photos up soon, pulled the seat/glovebox/tanks and checked the airbox, fixed a vac leak on the front carb, found a relocated battery, and cleaned the grungy motor, still trying to sort everything on this bike and where I need to step in for service.

Well by step in I mean I will be doing all service from here on out, and first plans are Water pump rebuild/upgrade, Facet fuel pump, oil system/service, fab a composite belly plate and maybe some tank guards, give the carbs a once over (eeeeek), send the front wheel out for a relace with a double rotor setup, and get the right caliper back on it, oh and send the boingers to superplush.

If anyone knows the first owner of this KTM I would love to hear what they did to this beast, It appears to be a 2005 adv in ktm orange, converted to S suspension? (have to measure, stands have been extended and welded), but with a custom 06 dakar style blue/touareg paintjob. running d.i.d dirtstar wheels front and rear, full floating rotors, drycell batt in the underseat box and Carmichael handlebars. So. Cal bike from what i gather but the 2nd owner I bought it from had very little info.

I have 2 (or less) years to strip/clean/build/ride before the Alcan. woo hoo?
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