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Originally Posted by vicvegas View Post
Cool! did you get to test ride that R12R? I've really liked these bikes lately. If so, how did it handle? could you see riding one across the country?
Due to surgery I had six weeks ago, I'm not allowed to ride at the moment (for another four weeks or so). So I didn't test ride it.

My wife did and she really liked it. Though she decided it was still a bit too much for her at her current skill level. She normally rides a F650GS single and has three years riding experience at the moment.

I sat on the bike and I really, really liked it. The leg position is a bit tight compared to bikes like the GS as you can see in the photo, but given that I have a 34" inseam, it's actually not too bad. I could see myself riding cross country on it, even though I don't know exactly how it handles, I know it'll be slightly less comfortable than the R1200GS I had, but*much more comfortable than other bikes I have owned.

You have to like the roadster / standard / naked style to do long distance riding on them though. I prefer either a perfectly working windshield or no windshield at all, so I guess I'd ride the R with either a small flyscreen or an adjustable windshield like this.

The luggage is excellent (same as R1200RT), the seat seems pretty comfortable and available in different heights, I would likely get the "high comfort seat" or an aftermarket high one and add the same amount of rise to the handlebars. That would certainly give me a cross-continent tourer that I'd like better than an RT.

But as I haven't ridden one, take all this with a grain of salt. I'll still buy one as I always have wanted one and my wife will take it over anyways within a short time I bet ...

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