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Life is rather unadventurous right now, working pretty much every day.
But........ getting this Wednesday and Thursday off, and I found out that there are some pretty neat dirt roads around, so I can't wait to go for a ride again.
Meanwhile, living with two cats, one of which is called Pebbles

Going to the grocery store, Whole Foods in this case, turned out the highlight of my Thanksgiving day seeing as I saw something I've never seen in my life, (which is always awesome!).

These are called Buddha's Hands, and are a lemon of sorts

Hope for Buddha's sake he didn't have hands that weird!

Then as I walked by the coconuts I had a short pang of missing Kauai, so I decided to get one and take it home.

Work is really okay, and everyone is really nice and happy that I am there to help translate and create some revenue.
I've already been asked if I wanted a managerial position, I just smiled and in my head thought, no way Jose, can't wait to hit the road again! Still, awfully nice to have been asked one week into the job, LOL.
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