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Mine is fine at all reasonable speeds even with all the camping gear. It will easily get tickets on interstates, again with all the gear. Clear the Colorado passes with ease, again with gear well into the high 90's. the speedo is about 7 to 10 % optomistic. So high 90's is probably a true 90. But going over Vail Pass @ a true 90 mph with gear on is good enough. Vail Pass is about 11,000 ft. Some Wee's report high oil consumption above 80 mph, but mine doesn't do that. Even pushing 90 all day, it doesn't seem to use any oil. But I do see a decrease in fuel mileage above about 75 mph. And push a headwind at speed and the mileage will get down into the high 40's. I have seen as low as 46 mpg on a Yellowstone trip. Loaded bike pushing strong Wyoming wind and keeping up with a GS1100. We actually matched gas usage on that leg of the trip.
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