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So I have had mine a couple months now. Been on the trails 5-6 time. The only real performance mod is 13T front sprocket. I'm not an expert by any means and have found the bike to go everywhere I have asked it, so far, although somewhat slow at times. The big thing I really like is that being a bit vertically challenged, I like the seat height. But it is a bit under powered. Sometimes I have to down shift to 1st gear to finish the hill. I do realize that should get a bit better as I get better and feel comfortable carrying more speed. So I keep wondering, if it is worth spending the money to upgrade the bike with exhaust and suspension or ride it as is and think about buying a more powerful bike in a year or two, that already has the better suspension.

For those who have completed the upgrades, exhaust & suspension, does it really make that much of a difference.
Worth the money???
Will it improve the bike enough to keep it longer as my skills grow??
Mostly do trail riding and some limited street.

Thanks for the input.
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