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wow, what fun.. I do recall it taking ages even on simple old bikes though..

did the spark plug work ok after just simple air drying..?

I'm guessing with the fuel injection it makes things a lot easier as Carby's used to be a nightmare..

hmm, a bit worried about the battery issue.. if you were alone I wonder how on earth you'd get by that issue.. perhaps carry some aerostat..? if you pull the air filter, remove the plug from the exhaust.. then there can only be water in the actual motor and inlet/exhaust valves - correct..?

On the XR you would pull the decamp lever which lifted a valve.. as water doesn't compress.. so how do you do it on the 990, if you get water in the piston, given that it doesn't compress.. me no understand! .. I'm thinking you will just get compression lock and that's it.. ahh, you have removed the plugs, yes.. so wouldn't the water be all gone in about 20 seconds worth of cranking.. then dry the plugs, then spray some aerostat.. no air filter.. should go..? Will the engine start without the exhaust bungs in..? hmm.... questions questions.. ! :-)
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