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Roger, have you verified your HES plate under the pulley?

the chart appears as if max advance is 43-44 degrees, and it seems to go there at throttle application under 20%
this would be in line with my knocking/pinging issues with low octane fuel , and warm weather.

I retarded my HES plate ( static timing) as far as it would go, just curious where your plate lies with the data you collected?

Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
A question: If you compare the data you read from the chip with the data I measured on my 1150RT, something looks wrong with your data, it shows high advance at low rpm and all throttle opening. My measure data shows advance increasing with rpm and TPS until 48 degrees, same place closed loop stops by my measurements.

My plots are very typical of most engines. Advance with rpm but reduce the advance with lower manifold vacuum.

Can you explain your spark advance data?

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