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i hit a deer as well. i remember the entire thing. i'd much prefer to have those few moments not in my memory.

i got back on as soon as i was out of the medical boot for a leg break. i continued to commute to work daily but rides out of town came very slowly and i rode slowly as well. take your time and work into things slowly.

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Sounds like a plan is coming together. I like that.

It's a funny thing about the memory loss - I too don't recall my wreck. As a matter of fact, when the cop asked me what happened and I told him I hit a deer, I wasn't very positive about that. It was like I remember three pictures before waking up on the rocks below - seeing the elk suddenly directly in front of me like a David Copperfield trick, seeing the brown fur when my helmet hit his rump, and trying to stop the tank slapper that was taking me towards the shoulder. But I didn't remember any of that when talking to the cop afterwards. It wasn't till I saw the bike several days later and the patch of brown hair on the left side fairing that I knew it was for real!

But I sure don't remember leaving the pavement and riding the bike over a 20ft embankment, and evidently flying from the bike and landing on a boulder where the top and front of the helmet got scraped up. It's kind of weird having no memory of something so significant.
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