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Just sent to Mike Pearlman at NORRA, and maybe handy for a few of the noobs:

Hi Mike,

Per your voicemail question, the NORRA roadbooks are 6 inches wide. This is the standard FIA/FIM format used in all cross-country rallies.

All bikes and single-seat cars who use the roadbook will need some type of roadbook holder. There are several manual and motorized versions available here:
In 2-seater cars, the co-driver (navigator) holds the paper roadbook and flips the pages by hand.

In addition to the roadbook holder, a proper odometer is needed. By far the most common used on rally bikes worldwide is the ICO Rallye VR Light, seen at the above link. Though itís possible to use a stock bike odometer (in miles for NORRA), one feature that is extremely useful is the ability to adjust/correct the mileage up/ down and reset via easy access handlebar button controls. The ICO unit supports this feature.

A sample of the 2012 NORRA roadbook can be seen here (I would expect the 2013 NORRA roadbook will look like this):
The full 2011 Day-3 NORRA roadbook can be seen here:

For those who are new to roadbook navigation, I would highly recommend attending a navigation school by Jimmy Lewis (for bikes) or Darren Skilton (for cars).

A great place to learn and ask questions related to this are the ongoing threads at ADV:
NORRA 2013:
Rallye navigation brackets:

Please forward this email to anyone who has questions.

Scott Whitney
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