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Originally Posted by AviatorTroy View Post
I have a straight GS and know of the difference from the pre 08 and then after '10, but wasn't aware of the GSA differences. All the hex head GSAa look pretty much the same to me or am I way off? What years were different?
From 2005-2007 they used the bland flat n long upper mudguard(wierd but I actually dont mind the 1150/1100 look)
I dont know the exact differences between the fairings from 2008-2010 but they have a more boxey stubby nose with vents on the sides, I have gone to 2010 as my used upper mudguard is such.
I dont even know if you can update the GS to newer w/o spending lots off money.

I am doing this cause its cheaper than buying a new gsa.....lipstick on the pig...
Yes I know its very superficial
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