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Hey, that bike is a great deal!

Seriously though... My craigslist ad (I'm selling that particular bike for a friend), but I have personally owned or helped friends buy more KTM dirt bikes than I can count. Whether you buy this bike or not, some thoughts:
  • Condition. Critical with these bikes... Saving a few hundred on a beat bike is going to cost you *much* more in the long run.

  • Extras. While aftermarket parts are not necessarily worth their original cost on resale, NOT having components you will definitely need is more money out of your pocket. For me, a big tank, scotts mount, and skid plate are absolute musts, and about $450 to add if the bike doesn't have it.

  • Setup. Even a clean bike with the right extras can be a real bummer for a new KTM owner if not set up right. If your a KTM guy and can take care of this yourself, not an issue... If it is your first KTM and your not a carb or suspension guru, it can ruin the experience dealing with a stumbling, poorly set up bike.

  • Opportunity/location. There's always going to be somebody who bought a bike at a better deal and another who paid more for a different bike. Not relevant unless you want to spend a year looking for a bike instead of a year riding a bike.

All said, there is a bit of room on the bike, but I like easy. I put firm on my craigslist ads because I have no patience with typical craigslist shenanigans and try and dissuade the "Hey, I'll go look at it, waste his time, and then offer him $500 plus my Chinese scooter in trade" idiots. I'd much rather sell it to an ADVrider local and help him get it dialed in perfectly.

splatte, feel free to call me and talk about the bike. I'm not going to be offended if it isn't the right bike for you, but it sounds like your local and I'm always happy to talk KTM's with potential new owners.

For the lurkers, this is the bike in question...

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