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Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
....5.5 liter fuel tank (maybe 125 - 150 mile range?).....

How about 90km (56 miles) range. 60km if you ride it hard. (several reports on KTMtalk).

From what I have read:

A lot of the parts are the same used on a 85sx.
If you weigh over 100lbs the brakes are not so good.
It runs very hot with radiators designed for a 85cc engine.
Guys are already starting down the "upgrade everything that you can" path.

I WAS 100% sure I would get one. I love wicked hard trails. But to lay down near $10k then have to start hacking on it to make it right... I don't have that kind of $$.

IMO after ridding and competing on real trials bikes and ripping on a 950 and 450exc this bike will not impress. Sure it would be more fun on the hardest 1% of the legal trails out there and be marginal on the rest. I can't see it keeping up with seasoned trail riders on real enduro bikes. I will give up my place in line to buy one... for now.

BTW... it was announced in Dirt Bike magazine that the Free Ride 350 is coming to the U.S. next year. KTM delivered one last fall to EPA for certification.
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