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My WR currently has a Trials Tire on the rear and I don't want to fry it .....
I need to head my own advice, I rode my 200 with a Dunlop 803 on various sections of this ride, Friday in Puna with lots of rain had no impact. The West side with a HWY blast from Kawaihae to Upolu at 60MPH in 88 Degrees + followed by a long dusty uphill and a bit more HWY sealed the deal. 15 Center knobs in a row as well as ones and twos all the way around got shedded, sorry to the guys behind me that had to dodge chunks of rubber!!!!

We got to ride on a huge private ranch climbing Grass Covered Cinder Cones and ducking up and down gulches like riding a Giant Snowboarding Halfpipe pretty awesome stuff! Fortunately there was enough rubber to make the climbs without issues, unfortunately there weren't enough knobs to sling cowpies very far....

Here are some shots from Gasser:

Saturday in Kapoho, did I mention it was raining? Super wet, it started raining after the first 45 minutes and never stopped. And of course since it was raining somebody needed to do a flat repair, we had a flat in the same section as the 2010 DS ride.

Kalualu on day one:

North Hawaii pasture land:

Bikes ready to ship back to Oahu:

Some Drama coming home on Mana / Keanakoulu Rd. (Just like 2010) Matt snapped his chain, a spare masterlink was installed and it snapped again a mile down the road. Big Joe used his Right Foot to push Matt 27 Miles back to Waimea, in the Dark, hitting 50 MPH in the process and then called for the Chase Truck, meanwhile Steve is backtracking 25 miles on a borrowed quad with a tow strap and nobody is where they left them. We were multiple beers into it when everybody finally joined up in Hilo Saturday night.

Good Times!!!!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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