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Am very curious what failed to let the gps mount adapter separate from your dashboard. I have just ordered the same unit from Touratech along with mount for 276c and don't want to see this happen on the washboards and stuff I ride.

Interested as well. Read this happening to another and scratched up his guages. Another I talked to didn't have a failure but also hardmounted the front holes vs just having them "ride" on the bodywork. He was using a 376 type GPS. Considering a Montana to avoid all the weight as far out as it is with the locking mount. The first guy didn't mention asking Touratech about this...have you?
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I have ordered TT mount 065-0087 and TT adapter 040-0659 for 276c on new '12 990. The folks at Touratech assured me they had no knowledge of problems with the adapter for the 990. But like you, I have seen other posts on here showing broken or loose adapter brackets, and I will be very careful to mount this thing very securely to the dash.

Reason for new mounting system and bike here:
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