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Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
Does anyone know if the ICO odometer measures more accurately than to the tenth? The stock odo wasn't really accurate for exact navigation last year without slowing down and taking it easy...
You can set the ICO to display in tenths or hundredths. To toggle between one and the other, press and hold the bottom buttons on both the main unit and the handlebar control at the same time.

Many of the mileages I was given by NORRA for inclusion in the roadbook were only given in tenths, so the extra digit didn't help in those sections (where the last digit in the roadbook was always the same). But in all places where I determined the mileage myself, I provided it to the hundredth in the roadbook. Most of the time that's not so important, but sometimes it can make a big difference. Keep in mind you'll often be off by a couple of hundredths at a waypoint just due to your zig-zag riding compared to my zag-zig measurement. A hundredth of a mile is only 52.80 ft, so they tick by pretty fast when you're at speed!

It's quite important to get your odometer calibrated so it matches what the roadbook indicates. If on the first day of the race your odometer is always too high or always too low at each waypoint, you should recalibrate it to match better. I check the calibration on my ICO by displaying speed on it, then riding fast and comparing the ICO speed to my GPS indicated speed. If you get those to match, you should be pretty close to the roadbook mileages. Your calibration will change a bit as your front tire wears.

When using an ICO, it's helpful to adjust the indicated mileage to match what's in the roadbook at each waypoint or every couple of waypoints so it doesn't drift off too much and confuse you. The handlebar controls on the ICO make that easy to do without slowing down or taking one hand off the grip. This is a big reason why an ICO or similar unit is so much better for rally than most stock odometers.
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