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Originally Posted by mouthfulloflake View Post
Roger, have you verified your HES plate under the pulley?

the chart appears as if max advance is 43-44 degrees, and it seems to go there at throttle application under 20%
this would be in line with my knocking/pinging issues with low octane fuel , and warm weather.

I retarded my HES plate ( static timing) as far as it would go, just curious where your plate lies with the data you collected?
Hey MFF, Good question. The answer is I have never checked my static timing. I guess that I should. All I can tell you is I make a lot of test rides and often drop my head to the tank to listen for knocking. Only once have I heard anything and that was when I programmed a large lambda shift, didn't allow time for adaptation, and put the motor under a high load. That was about 8 months ago, one time.

My plots are the data stream coming from my Motronic via the GS-911. So those are the Motronic calculated numbers, with the Motronic ASSUMING that I have my static timing set right. I'll try and measure that sometime soon.

After John did some work to turn the Binary into degrees (nice work John) and I realized his left-side axis was upside down, there is a pretty tight correlation with my Motronic data. RB
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