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Originally Posted by Salsa View Post
They have a strange way of counting.

I rode the 3rd one in 1969 and that was 43 years ago.

That was the race Don, this a the dual sport ride.
Different event.

I rode both days solo this year most of the way, no mechanical issues except my GPS took a dump before Baker on day 2.

Oh well, the first few years I rode this event GPS wasn't available. So, I went by my roll chart and lo and behold I only missed one turn, and that was when I tried to take a shortcut in Lovell Canyon to hit Red Rock before dark.
Luckily we only missed it by a couple of miles and were able to backtrack, find the right turn and make it over the hill in time.

This year's course was pretty demanding, lots of deep sand and long miles, now that I am at home I can say I loved it, but I wasn't loving it so much at the time. Sand, sand and more sand. And then, some sand.

Weather was perfect, great crew, tip of the hat to the peeps at District 37 for putting together yet another year of the best organized "self-guided dual sport tour" in the world.

CA Stu

PS The TE 610 eats this ride. Rocks, sand, hills, even the highway on the way home. Saw 88mph on the speedo coming out of the agricultural inspection station.

PPS #12 in the books for me. 2000-2013, the only year I missed it, the ride was on my 40th birthday, and I was miserable the whole time. Never again!

PPPS Love the before and after shots, Todd. Ever consider a KLR?
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