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We’ve reached our turn-around point, so we load up and take the scenic route out the north side of Death Valley.

Art time! From other ride-reports I know that a stop at the Ryolites is a requisite.

The carpet matches the drapes... The pic doesn’t show the scale, this statue is HUGE. She’s a big ‘ole gal!

I love this kind of Wild West art. The locals surely roll their eyes, but you gotta admit that seeing these imaginative and severely out-of-place pieces in locations like this are memorable and make people stop and think, at least for a bit... As an artist that is usually all you can ask.

Cool sofa:

So onward we ride, pointing the bike back towards southern Arizona. Its cold. Maybe its a cumulative thing from being “out” so long, but we are having trouble dealing with the chill today, even with all the extra reserve layers we brought along and heated vests cranking away.

When its cold like this the bike pulls over where it wants to. We get gas and there is an IHOP across the street, so we kill a couple hours eating disappointing eggs and pancakes, then getting ripped off at the register for all the little “a la carte” things we shouldn’t have had to ask for. (Yes, I recognize the irony that I’m complaining about the breakfast bill at the International House of Pancakes only days after blowing a week’s wages on dinner in Vegas, but the glaring differences is that I GOT what I paid for at Joel Robechon’s and DID NOT at IHOP.) I make a vow right then and there that I will never eat at IHOP again, unless it would be bad social karma for some reason, or maybe-just-maybe at 3:00am after a night of drinking. But that is different...

L.F. thinks my attire is humorous today.

All that time and money and IHOP and we are immediately cold again when we get on the bike. Brrrr-Grrrr...

One last night of camping if all goes well! Some state park, I can’t remember now, and it doesn’t really matter as it is dark when we arrive and we will pack up and leave first thing in the morning. Sometimes, even doing something as incredible as motorcycle camping, you just simply want a place to lie down.
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