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Exactly so it is, Ladder. Railway tracks are my nightmare, too. The rim survived.

My initial plan was to approach at steady speed standing on the pegs. It didn't work because the engine stalled after front wheel went over the first rail.
Then I tried to start again from where I stalled, front between the rails. A few months ago in dry conditions I got over like this without problems at the same place. After 2 or 3 tries I fell down because the sleepers are damn slippery when wet. Then i gave up and we just pushed the bike over. Not easy for even two men.

BMW guy did it right, his front wheel lifted from the first rail and landed on the second one. The landing wasn't stable but it was his first try and not bad at all.

My score with riding over railway tracks is 1:4 now (one lucky crossing riding over and 4 failures when I needed to push, pull or drag the bike over ). Its gonna be a life long battle I'm afraid. Need to work with the technique to lift the front in order to save the front rim.
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