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Exhaust Mufflers ?

Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse with this subject, but I can't seem to find anything in the searches I have done. My 2011 990R has the stock can exhausts on it with Catalytic Converters built in. Performance is not my issue, bike runs plenty fine, however the heat from the header pipes is uncomfortable when riding long distance. Gets hotter than hell down there and I've tried several different riding boots. I mainly use Alpinestar Tech 10 or Tech 8. Tried other lighter boots and still hotter than hell on long distance rides

If I change out the exhausts to a aftermarket set what will happen to:
[LIST=1][*]Temperature on Header Pipes? Will it go down [*]Do I need to make any adjustment to the mapping?[*]Yes I know it will sound great and weigh less, but that is not what I'm looking for.
  • What other benefits might I see?

Any feedback from guys with EFI bikes is really appreciated.
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