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Ok I've babbled about Electrosport's stator for the F800GS / F650GS twins for a while now, and on several different threads so I'm sure I'll miss posting this update to all of them, but Electrosport does have this unit dribbling into production. The P/N is ESG831 .... the same stator is available as ESG829 for other BMWs that have the same 400W output and mechanical dimensions but the ESG829 has shorter harness leads. They are $199

The ESG831 was available on the website yesterday, but is now temporarily sold out,
inventory will apparently be replenished shortly.

Per my contact:
"Both esg829 and esg831 have the high quality wire and insulation intended for high-temp environments. Which is why the price is a bit higher then most of my other stators. "
I've asked for the numeric value of the temp. rating - if I get that value I will post it....

Answer: The wires would be good for 220 C and our part would also be running cooler then the OEM.

Ok so there you have it folks, I think I've ridden that horse about as far as it will go...

Thanks for following this and sharing the info.

has anyone on this list installed one of these new elecrtosport stators?

Just an obsessive detail. my f650gs is up for the winter, has over 33k miles so I intend to open it up and inspect the condition of the how toastie is it. at this point my system is working fine, but if it looks toasted I plan to replace the stator before next riding season.
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