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Originally Posted by firebore View Post

Hope someone on here can help. Yet another mid life crisis for me so have set goal of doing the Tuareg in 2014 but new to riding off road so maybe "a bridge too far" but not out to win it just finish. Done k2 Beacons and Cambrian in UK enjoyed it, now want to step up to roadbook navigation.

Someone suggested that the dalmatia rally would be a good starter so was planning on doing that but looking at their website it says 2013 event cancelled.

So what to do now? Would the Hellas be suitable for novice? Albania? or another ?

Also logistics of UK to Greece any ideas


Where do you live?
Do you have a bike yet?
How deep are your pockets?
How good is your credit score?
How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Anyone can do a navigational event to finish..suggest:
1) improve your physical condition and stamina through weight training, riding, and various forms of cardio training

2) ride ride ride ride ride. rest. ride ride ride. put together a training route, go put laps in on a motorcross course, woods ride, trail ride, consider playing with a trials bike etc. Become one with the bike and get used to what happens when the terrain changes under your tires.

3) sign up for a rally training class...learn from the pro's...learn to find the route and not so much about going fast.

4) Choose a first event that requires less need for massive amounts of fuel...just a bike and a nav setup...I think the Tuareg, Albania, many of the smaller European events work well for this. Also read through the regs for each and see if you can restart the next day if you retire one day due to a crash or a mechanical issue....this allows you to play and gain experience even if you are no longer competing...very handy if you just committed the time and money to go play somewhere and you bust a wheel on the first day.
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