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Week in Ecuador

Howdy folks,
Flew down to Ecuador for a week long ride on a KLR650 from Freedom Bike Rental. Like just about everyone else has posted on here, nothing but nice things to say about them. The bike was in great shape, they assisted me in programming interesting routes between the hostels I had booked, and provided me with tools and a first aid kit.

First a bit of disclaimer...I had a 650GS when I signed up for this forum...I've sold it and have a Harley Road King now. So, take everything I say with a grain of salt, as clearly I am a person of limited insight...hell, I may not have even gone to Ecuador, just might be confused again. Anyway...

From Quito, headed south on the Pan-American to somewhere north of Latacunda...turned right towards Sigchos. Great road through the mountains. Started off paved with lots of curves and switchbacks, changed to cobble stone and then to dirt/rock for about 25-30 miles towards Chugchilan. Stayed at Mama Hilda's Hostel for the night.

After a great dinner, good nights sleep, and breakfast the next morning. Headed back towards Latacunda. It was Saturday, and the town was very busy. I suppose a big market was going on or something. After getting through the traffic, took the Pan American down through Riobamba and on towards Tambo. Checked in at the Posada Ingaprica, right near the Ingaprica Incan ruins. Unfortunately no pictures of the ride along the Pan-American this day....but I assure you, it is not to be missed. All paved, with crazy elevation changes and switchbacks. One of those places where you think you have a sense of where things area..."OK, i'm on the side of this mountain, there is the mountain I'll be riding up in a little while, and there is the valley floor". Then you go around a curve and see, "oh crap, the valley floor is like 3000 feet further down!

I'll post some more later today. Ride back across mountains, and to the coast. Suppose I should get back to work for now.
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