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Originally Posted by viajerosolo View Post
If Clarke or IMS can make some larger fuel tanks, it will be a win for the long distance ADV. My only other concern at this point is the lack of spares when abroad.... the CRFL isn't sold in central or South America yet; they still have the XR250 Tornado. Hope they end up replacing it!
It is routine for tank makers to be well into the second year of a bikes availabilty before selling product. Tooling always expensive plus the pattern making before any injection mold can be designed. They like to know sales numbers for the first years supply to justify the significant development costs way in advance of any sales. There are usually 3-4 major players, and if the first guy hits a homerun, then others risked a lot of money for nothing. 2 dozen owners asking for a tank in a forum doesnt hurry anything. Doesnt hurt I guess but you see a bunch of " group buy" talk and " they told me in an email.." And no tanks for a year and a half.
If you need extra fuel, I suggest you do a work around and figure on using that for a year, year and a half.

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