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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
"Magnetic" for sure!

After two years of feeling like a public ambassador, I'm kind of yearning for more obscurity again. I mean...they never give it a rest. If you're in a hurry and just ignore the inquiries, you get labeled "another BMW snob". Maybe THAT is the source....hhhmmm.

Somewhere in Quebec there are two guys that think I'm a BMW snob.

Their perspective: Oh look, a cute blonde girl on a fancy bike with a far away plate and an ugly guy on a dirty bike. I have all night........

Our perspective: We'd just completed a Gaspe Peninsula tour and needed to get some more miles in to reach our hotel. It was dusk, my headlight was blown and we'd just tore through a murder of deer crossing the highway sending cars in every direction including right at us. My bike is grey with no headlight and it was dusk remember......Stopped at the iconic Canadian coffee shop that was right there to swap my bulbs and check my undies. I had a flashlight in my mouth and was muttering bad words while trying to fiddle with the wires and clips. My GF was standing there with two cups in hand at her bike. They must've figured she was just eye candy and wanted to talk to me in their Franglish (that's the combo of french and english that requires full attention to understand). I did my best to be nice but............Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. You can see where this is going.

When you work your butt off 50 wks a year and have just two left to go on an epic ride, there's not a lot of time to socialize. I don't get much attention when not fully packed at a local shop looking uninteresting but with time to kill.

So, the original Q Why BMW?

Because I've had my share of dirt bikes etc. I want a fuel injected bike for the changing elevations, lots of power, adventure potential with lots of accessory options, heated grips for cold mountain passes, a "real" fuel gauge with a computer, tire pressure monitoring for her bike cause I'm not always around to check, a smart bike that knows what's wrong with it. A 3 yr warranty. Etc etc. My research shows I need a GS.

And because I'm older and can afford it.

And deserve it.

So my cover is blown then (post # 20).
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