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I went down at 50 mph, slid about 25 feet on pavement. Remember it all. Saw my bike flip 360* in front of me. Felt my helmet hit the pavement and recall thinking, "Oh, that's why I wear a helmet."

A motorist couple passing by that saw the whole thing were staring down into my helmet when I opened my eyes. I do recall that I thought I should move slowly, find out if I have movement. So I wiggled my toes and flexed my legs. Then all of a sudden I sat up. The couple were startled a little. They helped me retrieve my bike from the ditch. I set it up on the edge of the road and picked up pieces of the windshield. I was digging the dirt out from between the fins when a cop showed up. He was amazed that I was moving around. He fortunately never asked for Drivers License or other papers. I had insurance but no Motorcycle Endorsement in those days. I commented that I would be heading South on Rt 1 instead of 95 since I did realize I was shaken. I rode home, maybe 15 miles. As I was leaving the Fire Dept showed up. I waved and hollered to them that I was OK.

The next day I started to ache. Holes in the elbow of leather jacket, but that jacket saved me much more injury. Elbow was badly scrapped. Hip was also scrapped some. I limped for a year after this.

I was going too fast for the ramp I was trying take onto the Interstate. I had been a much faster rider almost 15 years before but now after not riding for too many years I had to learn to ride all over again.

I'm single. It's a different World for most if they are married.

Edit: I had to ad this later because this is the thing you wanted to know about. I said that I was conscious. This is true. I remember going down, sliding on the pavement, hitting my head and seeing the bike flip over. I lost consciousness for a minute or more after I came to rest. But I never lost any memory of anything leading up to this point.
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