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I did see several B&B’s and small hotels in Glen Rose. A lady that works in the park store recommended several local cafes with special reference to Debbie’s and Big Cup Eatery. This park is excellent for kids; the interpretive center and displays at the front gate are well done, and then there’s those “vintage” dinosaur models (not to mention the real tracks themselves)! Be careful with kidos at track site one since reaching them involves descending a steep sandy trail and scrambling over several boulders. Site 2, however, is perfect for kids.

I hiked from site 1 to site 4 and searched for a while with no luck. My guess is that the tracks are either covered with sediment, or eroded to the point that they are not easily recognized by a novice. I returned to camp to have dinner…

…build a fire, and spend some time reading and decompressing.

I slept in Saturday morning, but after breakfast threw a few cliff bars in my pack and set out to see the rest of the track sites. Site 2 (the main track site) was my first stop. There are several interpretive kiosks that are helpful to read before you descend on a stone staircase to the Paluxy and search for tracks. This site has both theropod and sauropod tracks (belonging to Paluxysaurus jonesi, a species I learned was described new a few years ago)…

This picture depicts a combination of both kinds of tracks, but the sauropod tracks are much less distinctive.

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