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My 88 NX250 has been down for a couple of years now. It had sucked the valves and I thought it would be uneconomical to repair at the $600 the local shop quoted me. I found a used ebay engine for $150 and figured it may be worth the gamble.

I put the new engine in and tried to start it. It cranks but will not catch. This is where I am looking for suggestions.

- I have spark.

- I used my original CDI which I suspected was bad, and the new one I got off of ebay. Same results. Spark but no ignition.

- I am unable to do a good compression check until I can find an adapter small enough for the spark plug hole, I did the finger over the hole trick and it feels like good compression. ( I know, not reliable or accurate)

- Squirted starter fluid in carb, no dice. Put some gas directly into sparkplug hole, no dice.

What I am thinking after following the trouble shooting chart in the manual is mayber to check the timing. I havent done that on this bike yet so hopefully not too hard. I am also going to pull off the carb and go through it again.

Any other ideas from you guys that are more familiar with the NX?
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