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Originally Posted by K0m4 View Post
Except that... he's not. Unless you extend those "very fastest guys" to like 10-15 ppl or smth. He's a level beneath the very top - a Gardner, a Criville, or Schwantz. Not a Rossi, Doohan, Agostini, or Rainey. But you keep drinking that kool-aid.

I think that the praise for him is grounded in needing an alternative to Rossi - praising him got old, even hating him got old, so people looked for an alternative. And found a lesser one, but try to attribute qualities to him that he doesn't have to make up for it. Unfortunately as soon as someone tries to bring the slightest sobriety to the comments about him, there's a whole kool-aid gang waiting in the bushes to jump at it...

But he's off racing cars instead like other have-beens. So he really has little place in a thread about the 2013 MotoGP season.
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