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sorry....but I just can't resist jumping in and siding with acejones, Florida is not that bad!!!...... any place you travel is what you make of it and what you do to plan. The mainland state of Florida has some of the best and well known beaches in the world, on either coast. Waves and drive on hard packed sand on the east side and some the whitest, smoothest sand you will ever step in on the west coast. Fishing and diving varies all up and down the coast and you can cater the season and location to whatever you desire. And really, so so diving? In Florida? Do you not realize the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world runs from Miami to Key West? To add to that I can't count the number of man made 'reefs' to entice the undersea critters for our viewing pleasure. But if you want a beach, study the map, the Keys are a string of fossilized coral islands, there ain't much for natural beaches other than Bahia Honda which, BTW, is absolutely fantastic!!!

So now lets get to riding.......sure its flat and no twisties for the most part, but you don't come to Florida for that and if you did you obviously didn't look at a map or understand anything about geography.....seriously, we are likely to be the first ones flooded with global warming, of course we don't have hills and twisties, there is nothing to go up, over and around. What we do have is hundreds of miles roads that run through the everglades to the south and the National forrests to the north. Public roads that as you round a corner you just might wake up a sleeping 'gator or 'croc. South FLA is heavily populated, mainly from the people that realize the cold weather in the north sucks and riding all winter long on straight flat roads is much more fun than cleaning a bike in the garage cuz its too flipping cold or nasty to ride. And let us not forget the Overseas many places in the world can you ride or drive down a 120 mile long road through an a chain of islands that is the divider for two major bodies of water!!! Of course there is traffic, or did you not look on the map and see that it is the only way in and out? Unless of course you got the pontoon option for your bike. The view from the bridges on US 1 still amaze me and I average about once every 6-8 weeks making the run to KW on the bike or in the truck. Why hurry.......plan your travel time. You hit Key Largo at 3 in the afternoon and think you can get to KW in a reasonable amount of time with no traffic is like trying to think you can run I-65 between Indy and Louisville in the middle of a weekday and not have to deal with semi tractor trailers.

Make no mistake, KW is a tourist town. The only thing they manufacture down there at the end of the road is drunk tourists. So guess season......winter....when most people want to ride in south FLA, the prices are high. In season rates start the first of December and go through May, why you ask? Because its a tourist destination for everyone in the north that finds it too damn cold to even go to work so they take time off and go to south Florida and the Keys!!!!!!

OK....I am done. With all that said, to the OP. Check your PM, I can hook you up as you pass through and if the timing is right I just might join you on that shitty ass ride down the Overseas Highway to KW. Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Ride safe and enjoy YOUR adventure!!
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