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Originally Posted by Mr. Canoehead View Post
If you get pinging/knocking, you'll know! The one time I got it after having to fill up with regular, I was shocked by how loud it was. I am used to hearing it in cars but with the exposed cylinders on the BMW, it comes through clear as day even at 50mph with earplugs on. I DO NOT want to hear that again!
Canoe, I hear ya on that "you'll know" comment; but in reading a multitude of posts where "ping" was discussed, I'm not so sure it is all that obvious that most riders know much about ping. No matter what you do to the map, AF or ignition, you can still have detonation (ping). I've had my '11 1200GS for right on a year. I run mid-grade 89 ron/mon divided by two because that's what my owners manual says to use. I don't recall a single case of ping. I'm just getting to the point I can feel what gear I'm in in slow turns, but do occasionally get into a lugging situation, a situation I hate and one where detonation usually occurs. Where I'm heading with all of this is the way you operate the throttle, the gear that you are in AND staying away from cheap ass low octane have IMO way more to do with ping than maps.
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