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What I saw in that prayer was that not only are all Indians the same, but we are all the same. I didn't see anything I don't agree with, actually, including the need for forgiveness (though I often fail at that, which is why I need Jesus to demonstrate it for me).

It is hard for me to get my head around the deep distrust for LEO's, from someone who seems to hold good will. I'm sure that is because my known relatives have not had so much taken from them by the "authorities". Hopefully, for the sake of the people who were wronged, there can be forgiveness in that as well. Hopefully, for the sake of everyone, the "authorities" with ill will become more and more rare. I think they are pretty much non-existent in my area, thankfully.

I'm still not going to let those bastards cut petroglyphs if I can help it...
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