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Thanks Daryl, yes I have been using Atlas Cached's Wiki site quite a bit (even donated to his cause for all the info he provided) but until I actually play with the Montana it's a little tough for me to grasp. I'm working on it though. It's a little different than the (previous) GPSMap76 and (3) Nuvi's I currently have though.

Worked with Garmin this AM to get access to the CN map on the Mac, about the only thing we did was allow the system to update Basecamp (a popup stated a update was available, I did not get that last night for some reason or I would have updated it then) and then it was able to "see" 5 copies of CN that it did not find before. Garmin suggested leaving the older copies of CN on the system as they are most likely used for the Nuvi's.

However, one question on transferring maps, using MapInstall now to install the latest CN on the Montana. As suggested before I'm installing CN on the Montana itself and will install Topo24 on the microSD card. It's easy to get it to load CN on the Montana internal memory by just removing the microSD card but when I first tried it (w/ SD card still installed) I didn't see a way to designate the map install to go to the Montana internal memory or the microSD card? When I install Topo24 is it going to finish using up the space on the internal memory or will it decide to load it onto the memory card by itself?

The reason I would like to designate the map designation is I would like to create a backup microSD card to keep w/ the Montana in case the primary maps get corrupted. (this was suggested in a previous thread)
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