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R100RT chop hack and slice without remorse. Looming 56K death

Firstly hello this is my first post nice to make your aquintence.

Now that the salutatory BS is out of the way here is the long and the short of it. I was given an 1981 R100RT that was severely neglected and pretty rough. The layer of of oxidization ad rust were pretty deep so I dont feel sad at all for what I am about to post in this thread. It was given to me by a friend of my parents, at first I just left it to sit in a corner of the garage wondering what I was going to do with it. I could not sell it as that was part of the "gift conditions" so it sat and sat and sat. I rode it once up the driveway after I got it. It ran which is about all I can say that is nice. The brakes were bad, both masters leaked fluid as fast as you could add it. The exhaust was falling apart, it was ugly, and there is a ton of slop in the rear end as the splines are toast.

So a little about me, I come from a 2 wheeled family my dad puts more miles on his Tiger than I do in my daily cage. My mom on the other side has a Triumph Legend side-hack that she motors about. I think there might have been a very brief time in my late teens that some sort of gyro balanced motor transportation was not in my life (but that time was long ago and is fuzzy to say the least).

So fast forward a bit I was working managing an automotive shop where I had been for 13 years. I hated my job, I had been hired to change oil and sweep floors but throughout the years I somehow ended up in the office writing work orders and running the shop. I was much happier back in my bay doing diagnosis and building cool stuff, (which I am aggressively mediocre at ). The shop fixed your everyday mundane vehicle issues but we also built hotrods, mostly Model A's but there were many others to mix it up. Prior to being the head lackey I had a good gig I was an ASE master with L1, X1, and (the newer) A9 certs. I did all the custom fab work and a few of our cars ended up in magazines (Nov 2004 American Rodder inside cover and a nice write up).

Did I mention I hated my job? Not just hated it but loathed every minute I spent there. I would come home a ball of stress turning me into a shitty father and a shitty husband. So I decided to drastically change careers, which I did. When I quit I hated working on things with motors just as an extension of of unhappiness in my career. I brought my tools and equipment home and packed them into my garage not even so much as changing oil for quite a while.

It took months but in May I saw that poor old RT sitting in the corner and a lightbulb went off. I was working nightshift in my new career and I had a ton of time to myself, so rather than drink and watch netflix I put it on the lift and started this journey. I quickly remembered what I loved about building mechanical stuff and I could do it in a leisurely manner and whilst drinking beer.

I tend to lean toward sportbikes (my elderly Kawi is in some of the pictures) so this hack I am shooting for a cafe-esque look but with some modern influences. If you can picture an Airhead, a Norton Manx, and a Triumph Speed Triple getting wasted and having an inter-species orgy, the illegitimate bastard that came of that union is what I am looking to create.

So with that said welcome to my therapy.

So here is where I started

More to follow I am uploading 140 pics to imageshack as I type hence the dial up warning in the title

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