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Thank you for sharing your experiences, especially the not remembering part. At least I know I'm not crazy. And to be honest I'm so glad I don't remember using my face for brakes. Had my gear on, thick Carhartt jacket, boots, gloves, glasses & the wrong helmet. The 3/4 helmet caused the left side of my face to be a scab with plenty of stitchs. Going to have a few scars especially where muscle was stitched together before skin. I'm no beauty queen so not worried about the new marks. Have started to grow my 1st gotee to cover what was left on the chin..Never found a comfortable full face helmet, but won't get back on without one. I know my gear wasn't the recommended wear, that'll have to change as well. But at least I was wearing something. The only wear through on the jacket was a small spot on the left shoulder. Everything was cutoff on the helicopter ride, don't remember that either. Perhaps a rational person would be satisfied to be on their feet with everything working & hang up the helmet, but I am under the mindset that I must continue to ride.
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