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Oil spillage in the airbox

Today I had small amount of time on my hands and just hopped through the garage to do this issue.
It is called the oil in the airbox - problem.
Why is this a problem? - Well, for starters, the air filter performance will be enhanced to a point where air has some real trouble finding way to the intake. The front facing carb will be contaminated with dirty oil and it could cause seisures in the fueling system. Up to a certain point the dirtyness of the air-filter-box is the main issue. Then, after some time, the oil drainage will grow to be so big amount that the oil level will start to drop. This is the case of the first bike of the "Carrot racing team". Now in europe the cost of fixing it "half way" will cost You max 20 eur. 2,5 eur for the little seal that needs changing and the cover gasket. The part no are 0760122050 for the little seal and 60030040100 for gasket. The local KTM service suggested, that some engine "silicone" be used when putting back the cover and the cable "shunt" that is located in the corner. Well if You have the new parts at hand already - then the job is no more than 10 minutes and done. Taking everything apart and prying out the little ring took me about 4 minutes, so 10 should be just fine to get it all together again.
Now after reading multiple posts about the job and what causes what - I decided to do the "breather" mod also. I do not have any proper breather at hand, so it will take some time before I can put it all back together again. The idea is, that on the top end of the rubber hose - where it attatches to the airbox - You need to install a little breather filter. There is plenty of room for it up there and it will be safe for everybody. The hole on the air box is to be sealed off properly!!! It is a direct line to the carbs and intake and if You get some dust in it - it wount be pretty.
Here are some pics of the location and they tell the story all the better. I did manage do take off the fuel pump also. It will get the proper treatment and cleaning from inside and I will install a capacitor to it (apparently makes it work a lot longer with less burning of metal).

Here the magneto cover from outside.

Here You can see the old seal still being situated.
Be careful - all the materials are soft and are easily damaged with tools.

And the last pic is from the engine and the flywheel. NOW THIS IS ANOTHER ISSUE TO BE POINTED OUT!!!
There are black bolts holding the wheel. Some users have had trouble with them being loose. Mine were perfectly tight. So i just checked them all. The KTM service also suggested to just check them with wrench and if one was loose or kinda softly installed - then get them all out, one - by - one and put back with the thread glue.
And again, mine were just fine.
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