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Originally Posted by PhiSig1071 View Post
Man, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I followed the FZ1 and CBR builds closely.
Yeah I'm pretty excited about this one. I think I have finally landed on a motor and frame combination that is ideal for a great ADV bike. The FZ1 was too heavy and powerful. It was my first build and I made a lot of mistakes. Plus it was very expensive component wise. The CBR was a play toy. Still working through some issues but it is very fun. It ROCKETS off the line, very fun, but no one would want it because of the comfort issues and lack of fuel range.

I decided to go in a much different direction on this bike from my original intent which was another radical departure. I'm going to largely leave the subframe alone other than a couple tubes which will need to get moved to clear the new KTM shock. That way the original plastic inserts, battery box, ECU location as well as the body work are going to be stock. I plan on bending up two aluminum hoops for Wolfman luggage saddlebags. Exhaust is on the right and on the left I plan to mount a Rotopax 1.75g fuel cell to bring total fuel to 6 gals which is plenty for a bike that gets this range.

The ninja has so much going for it as JD, Sanjoh, Tony Morr, Dentvet and others have shown. Plus with the buy in for a wrecked Ninja so cheap I thik it has the possibility to really create a bunch of new builders. In that regard I plan to document the build much more thoroughly and create detailed dimensioned CAD drawings so that someone could duplicate my build with some work. Everything from the custom stem to mount KTM triples to the bushings and new swingarm pivot bolt will all be spec'd for a machinist to churn out the fundamental parts to convert one over. Some of the things I plan like a rally fairing are obviously not easy to duplicate but the front end is easy enough to come up with e decent windscreen and lighting solution.

Anyways, I had a long ponder session last night with the swingarm. The stock Kawasaki pivot bolt is 20mm solid rod. The KTM swingarm has a 17mm through hole. I'm going to sit down at the lathe with some calipers and see if I can turn up some bushings to insert into the Ninja frame which will be welded. That will locate the swingarm in the frame and then I just need to make an aluminum filler piece for between the ears of the arm. The stock pivot bolt will get turned down to 17mm and rethreaded for a M16 nut.

The stem I had a long think about. The CBR I made bearing cups that I welded to the CBR steering tube. I did not want to do that again so I sat down with both the KTM and Kawasaki triples and stems and did some figgering. Basically the Ninja stem is much larger in diameter so conversion bearings aren't going to happen. I decided to machine a new stem that will utilize the stock Ninja bearings (although I bought new tapered roller bearings because I hate those ball bearing jobbies). It will then neck down to press into the lower KTM triple. The nice thing about KTM stems is that they are pretty simple. The only thing slightly difficult for a rookie machinist like myself is the M20 1.5 thread on the inside for the top nut. I bought a M20 1.5 tap for $25 that will make that a non issue. Bought a 1' aluminum 6061 rod from Mcmaster Carr for $10.

I need to take the front end off the CBR and bring it to a buddy's who has a hydraulic press so I can swap stems and use the Emig setup on the new bike. Once the front end is on I can check clearnaces with the front wheel, radiator and headers to make sure there is no issue. Then I can start measuring for rake and think about where the rear upper shock mount will land to give me the geometry I want.

I think this build is going to be fun to do. I'm not rushed like my last couple builds, I want to do things right and not cut corners. There's a bunch of talented CNC fabricators in the garage thread who I plan to use for some of the bling CNC parts that are out of my abilities with the tools I have so that should be fun to get others involved.
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